The Customer’s Perception Is Your Reality

Conestoga Wagon on Oregon Trail

Every year, we plan a Memorial Day trip to Philly to visit with my family.

It’s a great opportunity for my kids to be with their cousins and for us to eat some Korean food. But it’s an 8 hour drive. With 3 kids going on a half-day trek, we have to plan and pack strategically. Thankfully we have the mini-van. I don’t care what people say, I absolutely love mini-vans. Like a second home on wheels.

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Be the Wrong Person for the Job


My wife, Amanda is a saint. First, she’s still married to me and has put up with my nonsense for over 13 years. This alone qualifies her for eternal glory, but even more than that she’s someone that genuinely likes to help others.

A few months ago Amanda was at Target. We love Target.  Bright lights, wide aisles, and everyone is so “smily” there. The entry always smells like butter popcorn. Ever notice that? Who doesn’t like the smell of melting butter?

As she was walking through the extra-wide aisles, a young pre-teen girl quickly came up to Amanda and asked her to help find some undergarments.

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