Don’t Waste Your Wait

Bored, stressed and exhausted people sitting on chairs waiting

Every where you go there’s going to be a line.

At the grocery store? Pick the shortest lane. Hopefully you find a young man buying one or two things with cash or credit card. Please don’t pay with a check…
At the gas station? Get behind that small hybrid with a tiny tank.
On the phone with customer service? You guessed it, get in the queue.
With every line, there’s one guarantee. You are going to have to wait.

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Overnight Success is a Myth



It’s funny how often we see the success of others and assume because we’ve never heard of them before, they must be an overnight success.  This is especially true of mobile app developments and internet sensations isn’t it?

True, there are the occasional lightening in a bottle, one-hit wonders that seem to grace our newsfeeds, see Achy Break Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus, which eventually led to *sigh* this:

But in reality, success is a combination of hard work, persistence, and patience.

So make sure you are ready for the long haul.

Your vision should be grand, but the steps you take to get there will be long and at times uninspired.

Keep up the good work and grind!