What Went Right?

I just read through my previous blog post (Take My Own Medicine) – and my apologies for coming off as a bit… whiny.

After I published it, the response was overwhelming. From private messages to public comments – many friends, students, and colleagues encouraging me to not be so down on myself. I fully confess, this was not the intent of my blog post, but after reading it again – it can see why it comes off as a “woe is me” type diatribe. My apologies. It wasn’t meant to be a whiny complaint about the day. It was meant to be an honest reflection on a disappointing performance by yours truly. No one’s fault, but my own.

Of the many messages, a friend and colleague from NSA Ohio, Harriet Russell encouraged me to focus on the positive and to include what *did* work well for me that day. Excellent advice, Harriet!

Another dear friend, Joe Homan reminded me of the research on negativity bias, a natural tendency to more vividly recall negative events than positive ones. Thanks Joe!

Having had a full week to digest my thoughts and some much needed perspective, here are my thoughts on what did work:

  1. The TEDxKentState event was incredible. There were some amazing speakers and performances all day. (My favorites: Jess Krieger, Krish Mehra, Bertice Berry, and Bill Auld). Look for these talks when they get published!
  2. First time getting to use a teleprompter! It didn’t work perfectly for me, but it was a cool technology to look into for future talks.
  3. The connections and friendships I’ve made were well worth the day alone.
  4. I got a free t-shirt! (Yes, at heart I’m still a college kid that loves getting free stuff.)
  5. My talk was probably more disjointed in my mind than the audience’s mind. I was reminded by my friends Joe Rozsa and Chris Weyrick (both present) that the speaker always gives 3 speeches:
    1. The one you gave.
    2. The one you wish you gave.
    3. The one the audience heard.

The most important speech is the one the audience heard. What did your audience hear? Click To Tweet

If there was even one person that was encouraged by my story – then it was well worth the time, effort, and energy put into it. Regardless of whether it was perfect or not.

So thank you TEDxKentState for the amazing opportunity to share my story.

I am grateful.


2 thoughts on “What Went Right?

  1. I didn’t look at your first post as whiny…More of a reflection of points that seem to bother YOU… You’re a perfectionist ….Too critical of yourself. Reflections are like writing in a journal so we can review our thoughts and maybe make changes….Or just see what to work on! Is the Kent talk posted? Link?

    • Thanks Marilyn! I appreciate it.

      I think that’s because you know me! 🙂

      I was trying to think about all of the TEDxKentState coordinators that worked tirelessly to put together an incredible event. And here I was writing about my personal experience as a letdown.

      I should have started with gratitude for the opportunity.

      So – I’m here making sure I focus on what went right as well!

      Thanks for the comment!

      Nope – the link isn’t available yet! My guess – probably within the next 10 days or so. Will keep you posted!

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