What Are You Reading?

Verne Harnish

There were a lot of great speakers at the NSA 2015 Convention in Washington DC. For me, one of the most valuable-content-filled speakers was Verne Harnish.

Verne is the founder of Entrepreneurs Organization and is the Principal for Gazelles Inc., a strategic planning consulting firm. His client list, resume, and reputation are impressive for sure, and the primary takeaway from his talk was: never stop learning.

As an educator, the mantra of life-long learner can seem like a necessary hazard of my occupation, but too many times we as educators, consultants, and leaders can get caught up in our own press releases.

We figure since people view us as experts already, why should we try to improve or change anything?

This can easily happen in your organization as well. People get complacent. It’s like parenting, once you get the kids to potty training, you feel like it’s okay to coast.

Well, for those who have parented longer than 10 years – you know this couldn’t be further from the truth. You have to constantly be vigilant about watching out for safety hazards, wearing helmets, peeing in the toilet, bullying, bad attitudes, etc.

The longer I am a parent, I’m convinced, the less I know about parenting. What once used to work on your kids like clockwork have been totally turned upside down by the time your child is ready to move on the next grade in school.

The point is you have to keep adjusting. You can’t rest on what got you here.

Verne had reached a certain level of success and he could simply mail it in from here on out right? But he didn’t. And he doesn’t. He’s constantly challenging himself and his team to reach higher heights.

One of the ways Verne challenges his executive clients is he asks a simple question: What are you reading?

If the C-level client can’t answer that question, there is almost a 100% guarantee this engagement will not work.

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So what are you reading?

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