Focus on This Day

I really like this section from Austin Kleon’s book “Show Your Work.”

“Overnight success is a myth.  Dig into almost every overnight success story and you’ll find about  a decade’s worth of hard work and perseverance.  Building a substantial body of work takes a long time – a lifetime, really – but thankfully, you don’t need that time all in one big chunk.  So forget about decades, forget about years, and forget about months.  Focus on days.” (Kleon, 2013, .p.47).

We only get to live our lives one day at a time.

Even those people who are “successes” have worked with the same time and space limitations as us.

We don’t see the day in and day out drudgery of getting up and starting their work day, honing their craft, building their business, cultivating meaningful relationships, and the hustle.

Do your work.  Each day is an opportunity to grow, develop, strengthen, reinforce, learn, help, stretch, and be challenged.

We all get the same amount of time each day.

Don’t get caught up in what you didn’t do up to this point.

Start focusing on days.

Start focusing on this day.