Pleasantly Surprised

My brother-in-law (BIL) and I took our boys to see a movie this past weekend. It was a bit of a conundrum because between the 4 boys ranging in ages of 11 through 8 – there weren’t many choices. My BIL suggested Jurassic World. Three out of the four boys did NOT want to see this. I knew my older son, Benjamin, would have nightmares for weeks. But BIL was already in line to get the tickets. I thought, well – let’s see how this goes.

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Take the 30 Day Challenge


Professional Speaker and Business Coach Mark LeBlanc says treat every new month like you’re starting from zero. So whether you’ve had a bad month or a good month with reaching your numbers – today is a new month – so it’s time to start with a clean slate.

Think about it this way: you get to celebrate New Year’s all over again!

Remember that zeal and enthusiasm you had for your new goals on January 1st?

Well now is the time to recapture that energy and start afresh for February.

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