Teams Share the Burden

Tomorrow is November 1st, which is the first day of National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo.

This is where over 300,000+ writers commit to writing/finishing/starting their novel for the entire month of November. The rules are fairly simple. Write every day. Write at least 50,000 words. You start November 1st and the “competition” ends on November 30th at 11:59pm.

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A Little Encouragement Goes a Long Way

lavori in corso scritto sulla lavagna - ingleseThrough the magic of the “internets” I’ve recently been able to re-connect with my high school English teacher. As most of of my friends, students, and colleagues know, I am a high school dropout. I really didn’t impress too many of my teachers back then. In fact, I’m sure most of them wouldn’t even remember my name. I know I wouldn’t have if I were in their position. Out of sight, out of mind.

But Mrs. Moore was different.

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Follow Your Own Question

Businessman touch button interface question icon webMy oldest son asked me tonight at dinner, “what does it mean to be kind?”

Without much thought I rattled off a few ways I thought he should act towards his younger brothers and his friends at school:

1. Be considerate of others feelings.
2. Use kind and polite words.
3. Don’t be rude.
4. Talk to someone when no one is talking to them.
5. Being nice even when the other person can’t be nice back.

He said, meh. And then went on his way.

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Tell All the Truth, but Tell it Slant

tell it slant

“Tell all the truth, but tell it slant.” – Emily Dickinson

If you’ve ever struggled as a writer, you know the challenge of writing anything original or unique. You also feel the burden of getting your message out there for the world to hear.

You are probably in between two schools of thought:

  1. You don’t have anything to offer so why bother?
  2. You are God’s perfect gift to your particular genre and the world will explode without your divinely inspired message.

Neither are true.

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Done is Better Than Perfect


What is it that you’ve been dying to get done this past year? Is it finally writing that book? Starting that blog? Creating your new online business? Perhaps it’s trying to lose weight or develop new relationships?

It’s January 2015. Time to get that darn thing done.

Ask yourself this question: if you had all the time, money, and resources at your disposal for the next month to finish your top priority, what would that goal or project be?

That’s what you need to be working on now. Stop waiting for the perfect time or opportunity. It doesn’t exist. Start today.

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