It’s Time to Let Go of Wilson


One of my favorite Tom Hanks movies is “Cast Away.”

It’s essentially “one-man” survival movie about tragedy, hope, and the dream to one day get rescued from this deserted island. Can you imagine the utter despair and disappointment of having an airplane or boat pass right by you without even noticing your desperate cries for help?

Hanks’ character spends 1,500 days on the island. That’s over 4 years! I wonder how many times he wanted to give up?

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That’s Not What Ships Are For

Thats Not What Ships Are For 2

I love watching football.

You know what I love even more?

I love watching a football game at home. I have my designated seat. I have multiple snacks, drinks, remote, and iPad all within arm’s reach.

I treat watching football as seriously as an airline captain prepares his control board for takeoff. Everything has a place and purpose.  And everything *has to be* within arm’s reach. In fact, if I have to get up and move for anything (other than a bathroom break) – I have failed to plan appropriately.

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Be the Wrong Person for the Job


My wife, Amanda is a saint. First, she’s still married to me and has put up with my nonsense for over 13 years. This alone qualifies her for eternal glory, but even more than that she’s someone that genuinely likes to help others.

A few months ago Amanda was at Target. We love Target.  Bright lights, wide aisles, and everyone is so “smily” there. The entry always smells like butter popcorn. Ever notice that? Who doesn’t like the smell of melting butter?

As she was walking through the extra-wide aisles, a young pre-teen girl quickly came up to Amanda and asked her to help find some undergarments.

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Done is Better Than Perfect


What is it that you’ve been dying to get done this past year? Is it finally writing that book? Starting that blog? Creating your new online business? Perhaps it’s trying to lose weight or develop new relationships?

It’s January 2015. Time to get that darn thing done.

Ask yourself this question: if you had all the time, money, and resources at your disposal for the next month to finish your top priority, what would that goal or project be?

That’s what you need to be working on now. Stop waiting for the perfect time or opportunity. It doesn’t exist. Start today.

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