Time for a Restart

Time to Restart on a stopwatch or timers to illustrate a redo, rebuild, refresh, renew, revitalization or reinvention of your life, career or company

I love watching professional sports. Especially when it gets to be later in the season and teams are jockeying for the playoffs or seeding to get home field advantage. It’s been said that until the MLB All-Star game in mid-July, it’s way too early to tell who’s going to be playing baseball in October.

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Never Stop Learning


I’m humbled and honored to be selecting in the 2015 class of the YStark! Top 20 Under 40 (TU40).

I’m looking forward to meeting the other TU40 Award winners tonight at the Awards Gala! I’m sure it will be a fun and wonderful opportunity to meet other professionals from various fields of expertise.

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You’ll Never Regret Being Over-Prepared


I’ve had the privilege to play with different bands, musicians, and church worship teams. I have learned a little bit from each environment I’ve been in. I realized that I prefer playing in a group or band rather than playing solo. I think part of the reason is I love the energy, enthusiasm, and collaborative spirit of working together. There’s something about working with other talented musicians working towards the same goal.

You know one thing I don’t like?

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Keep Going

Closeup woman hands holding sign don't quit do it message

Okay, it’s now April. How did it get here so quickly?!

If you’re like most people, you’re in one of two camps:

Camp #1: You started this year with a full head of steam, but a few weeks later gave up on your goals you set for 2015.  You have settled back into default mode.

Camp #2: You had every intention to start pursuing your goals this year, but never got around to it.

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