Don’t Waste Your Wait

Bored, stressed and exhausted people sitting on chairs waiting

Every where you go there’s going to be a line.

At the grocery store? Pick the shortest lane. Hopefully you find a young man buying one or two things with cash or credit card. Please don’t pay with a check…
At the gas station? Get behind that small hybrid with a tiny tank.
On the phone with customer service? You guessed it, get in the queue.
With every line, there’s one guarantee. You are going to have to wait.

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A Series of Small Wins = Great Results

Series of Small Wins

So many people when they’re starting something new – they just want to jump right in and revolutionize the industry.

Don’t try to save the world in one day.

Passion is good, but patience and persistence are necessary as well.

Don’t get discouraged if change doesn’t come as quickly as you think it should.

True and lasting success is often the result of small and consistent efforts day in and day out.

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