Is It Too Much Time?


Everyone complains about not having enough time.

It’s up there with complaining about the weather or traffic.  It’s a rite of passage into adulthood.

But if you really consider how much work actually gets done in a traditional 8 hour day, it may be telling.

Consider your work day or week.  Between emails, coffee, chit chat, meetings, and putting out fires – how much focused work was done?

If the latest numbers are true – the adult attention span has been reduced from 12 minutes in 2010 down to around 7 minutes today.

Let’s be generous and say you are able to spend 20 minutes straight of focused productivity every hour.  This means in an 8 hour day, you are able to do about 2 hours worth of work.

It’s not the lack of hours, it’s the lack of focus.

Sarah Lou Davies has a blog called The Work Experiment.  She takes complex ideas and turns them into simple designs like this one above.  Pretty simple design but a powerful message.

Don’t try to carve out more time to finish your projects.

Carve out more focused and intentional periods within your existing workday.

What are going to accomplish this week?





The Myth of Perfection



There is a constant struggle between getting stuff done and getting stuff perfect.

You may have some grand visions of your book, your business plan, your invention idea being the picture of perfection.

The trouble with this plan is it’s a myth.

There is no such thing as perfect.

Even after you’ve worked, edited, re-written, revised, and made it “mistake-free” – there is no true perfection.

As you grow and develop your ideas of perfection grow and develop as well.

Here’s the secret: Perfection is impossible because it’s a moving target.

So forget being perfect.

Work to get done.

The constant advice I heard in graduate school: A good dissertation is a done dissertation.

What is it that you’re working on right now that you’ve avoided finishing?

You won’t reach perfect.  You can’t reach it.

So don’t worry about getting everything right.  Your best work is ahead of you, but you have to get it done first.


Don’t Worry – Do Something

Dale Carnegie - Dont Worry

I also like this quote:

“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.” – Leo Buscaglia

What has worry ever done to help you?

Why do you let it take up space in your head?

Stop worrying and do something.

Work. Write. Exercise. Help someone. Finish a project. Call a friend. Create a new marketing campaign.

Don’t just sit there and wallow in your worry and self-pity.  Many others have gone before you with the same worries.  Some have been consumed and some of have gone on to do something about their fears.

It’s time to go and do something productive.

Even If It Hurts

A new start

Stop procrastinating.

Do something now.

Even if it hurts.

What do you need to get done today that’s been weighing on your mind all week?  Month?  Or years?

I was fighting this yesterday.  I am still working on my new book, and I’ve been stuck on chapter 8 entitled, “Unusual Pairings” for about a month.

Am I doing other things other trying to finish this book, of course.  And as I’m planning self-publishing – there isn’t an external motivator pushing me along.

It’s all intrinsic value to me right now.

But yesterday, I finally bit the bullet and spent about 3 hours reading, researching, writing, editing, etc.  It was painful.  I felt by the end of the night I was no closer to my goal than I was a month ago.

But you know what?

This morning as I opened up where I left off, I’m re-energized to work on this chapter again.

I was really discouraged before I went to bed, and now?  I can’t wait to dive into this material again.

My subconscious brain had some time to re-organize my thoughts and now I feel a determination to get this done.

I love this sense of urgency when it’s internally driven.

So start something now.  Even if it hurts.  Even if it’s just for a few minutes. 

You never know what tomorrow will bring.