Time for a Restart

Time to Restart on a stopwatch or timers to illustrate a redo, rebuild, refresh, renew, revitalization or reinvention of your life, career or company

I love watching professional sports. Especially when it gets to be later in the season and teams are jockeying for the playoffs or seeding to get home field advantage. It’s been said that until the MLB All-Star game in mid-July, it’s way too early to tell who’s going to be playing baseball in October.

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Celebrate the Small Wins

 happy small woman standing on big thumbs up and raising her hands up over dark grey background

The Kim household has been a whirlwind lately. We have a new addition to the family. His name is Andrew and he is almost 2 years old. It’s been a crazy few weeks and we feel like we’re still getting our feet on the ground. Between feeding, bathing, diaper changes, and late night cajoling the boy to go back to sleep our lives have been turned upside down.

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How to Overcome Laziness


How productive have you been this past week?

Yes, I know it’s only Thursday and you have 3 more days to make up your lost Mon-Wed, but if you’re like most people – those days can sometimes be lost to distractions, putting out fires, Youtube, Hulu, and watching more network TV.

In other words – you’ve been lazy.

I know it.

I fight it every day.

I will dutifully wait in line for the escalator, when the steps are right there to my left.  Which is incredible because I am also notoriously impatient.

But in this case, my laziness usually beats out my impatience.

Of course it may look like “waiting patiently” to the observer – but I’m multi-tasking!  I’m on the phone, responding to emails, making reservations, checking out Fb and Twitter feeds.  I’m busy waiting!

Here’s how to overcome laziness:

1. Take micro steps.

2. Stop trying to do multiple things at once.

3. Don’t think too far ahead.

If you’re working on your book.  Forget the whole book.  Forget the chapter.  Work on one page.  Even then, let’s start with a paragraph.  Do a brain dump of what’s in your head.  Don’t edit, don’t stop – just write.

From there, start to construct a paragraph.

Finish that one and see how you feel.

There should be a sense of momentum building up inside you that wants to write another paragraph.  Eventually after 3 paragraphs, you’ve written a page.  If you feel the urge, by all means keep going.  But if you’re done – stop.  Save some for tomorrow.

Build momentum by taking micro steps.