Don’t Be So Quick to Judge

scale of justiceHave you ever responded in anger when something you said was taken out of context?

Have you ever been upset because someone clearly misunderstood you?

Most often the immediate reaction is to defend yourself. And if it’s really bad – we can tend to go on the offensive. I will even start saying things like, “how could you even think I would say such a thing?!”

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Time for a Restart

Time to Restart on a stopwatch or timers to illustrate a redo, rebuild, refresh, renew, revitalization or reinvention of your life, career or company

I love watching professional sports. Especially when it gets to be later in the season and teams are jockeying for the playoffs or seeding to get home field advantage. It’s been said that until the MLB All-Star game in mid-July, it’s way too early to tell who’s going to be playing baseball in October.

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Don’t Waste Your Wait

Bored, stressed and exhausted people sitting on chairs waiting

Every where you go there’s going to be a line.

At the grocery store? Pick the shortest lane. Hopefully you find a young man buying one or two things with cash or credit card. Please don’t pay with a check…
At the gas station? Get behind that small hybrid with a tiny tank.
On the phone with customer service? You guessed it, get in the queue.
With every line, there’s one guarantee. You are going to have to wait.

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Don’t Let Your Mistakes Go to Waste

Declining Business Sales

As painful as this is, don’t let your mistakes go to waste. With every finished project, there should be a post-implementation review. There will always be learning opportunities if you are looking for them.

I call this “Conducting Your Own Autopsy.” Like a coroner that has to review all possible causes of death, have your own post-mortem review. Do this while the memories are still fairly fresh in your mind. Take the time to review the good, the bad, and the really bad.

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