The $14 Pizza Rule

free pizza

When I think about my career trajectory, it’s been a circuitous route. Most people’s are. No longer is it viable or realistic to expect employment with one organization for an entire career.

That said, I believe there are times when employers can inadvertently push employees out the door before either party is ready to let them go.

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Zebras & Ostriches


Thrilled to announce my new book is now available on Amazon!

Zebras & Ostriches: 5 Simple Rules to Engage and Retain Your Best People will challenge you to re-think employee engagement. Research continues to show that employee engagement and retention are at an all-time low. People don’t want to be supervised, they want to be led. Your employees want to work from their strengths and do meaningful work. Follow these 5 simple rules and be prepared to inspire your people to grow and to be committed to the mission of your organization.
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Tell All the Truth, but Tell it Slant

tell it slant

“Tell all the truth, but tell it slant.” – Emily Dickinson

If you’ve ever struggled as a writer, you know the challenge of writing anything original or unique. You also feel the burden of getting your message out there for the world to hear.

You are probably in between two schools of thought:

  1. You don’t have anything to offer so why bother?
  2. You are God’s perfect gift to your particular genre and the world will explode without your divinely inspired message.

Neither are true.

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Get Your Hands Dirty

Messy Hands kid

Productive creativity is a funny thing.

It frequently appears when we are least expecting it (driving, in the shower, mowing the lawn).

Too often we try to manufacture creativity as if between the hours of 2pm and 4pm are strictly devoted to creativity time.

Ridiculous right?

But this is how we plan our meetings, new products and services, and we even schedule our strategic planning sessions during a specified time frame. **This is when we’re going to be “strategic.”**

So what can we learn about the creative process?

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