Emotionally Invest In Your People

Engagement word circled in a dictionary definition to illustrate meaning of the word in business attracting customers with involvement and participation

Have you ever worked with someone who was “retired but on active duty?”

How about the person who’s “quit but still at their desk.”

I remember one co-worker basically stating he was “counting the days until retirement. Until then, I’m here to collect my paycheck.” He would take extra long lunch breaks, never finish projects, or help out because he knew the bare minimum he could get done without being fired.

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Simplify Your Mission Statement

Zappos insideI was watching the Today show and there was a short piece on Zappos (one of my favorite companies). I love Zappos’ culture and their commitment to their employees which is intimately tied to their devotion to provide excellent customer service.

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Keep Going

Closeup woman hands holding sign don't quit do it message

Okay, it’s now April. How did it get here so quickly?!

If you’re like most people, you’re in one of two camps:

Camp #1: You started this year with a full head of steam, but a few weeks later gave up on your goals you set for 2015.  You have settled back into default mode.

Camp #2: You had every intention to start pursuing your goals this year, but never got around to it.

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It’s Time to Let Go of Wilson


One of my favorite Tom Hanks movies is “Cast Away.”

It’s essentially “one-man” survival movie about tragedy, hope, and the dream to one day get rescued from this deserted island. Can you imagine the utter despair and disappointment of having an airplane or boat pass right by you without even noticing your desperate cries for help?

Hanks’ character spends 1,500 days on the island. That’s over 4 years! I wonder how many times he wanted to give up?

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