Time for a Restart

Time to Restart on a stopwatch or timers to illustrate a redo, rebuild, refresh, renew, revitalization or reinvention of your life, career or company

I love watching professional sports. Especially when it gets to be later in the season and teams are jockeying for the playoffs or seeding to get home field advantage. It’s been said that until the MLB All-Star game in mid-July, it’s way too early to tell who’s going to be playing baseball in October.

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Don’t Let Your Mistakes Go to Waste

Declining Business Sales

As painful as this is, don’t let your mistakes go to waste. With every finished project, there should be a post-implementation review. There will always be learning opportunities if you are looking for them.

I call this “Conducting Your Own Autopsy.” Like a coroner that has to review all possible causes of death, have your own post-mortem review. Do this while the memories are still fairly fresh in your mind. Take the time to review the good, the bad, and the really bad.

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Done is Better Than Perfect


What is it that you’ve been dying to get done this past year? Is it finally writing that book? Starting that blog? Creating your new online business? Perhaps it’s trying to lose weight or develop new relationships?

It’s January 2015. Time to get that darn thing done.

Ask yourself this question: if you had all the time, money, and resources at your disposal for the next month to finish your top priority, what would that goal or project be?

That’s what you need to be working on now. Stop waiting for the perfect time or opportunity. It doesn’t exist. Start today.

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Is It Too Much Time?


Everyone complains about not having enough time.

It’s up there with complaining about the weather or traffic.  It’s a rite of passage into adulthood.

But if you really consider how much work actually gets done in a traditional 8 hour day, it may be telling.

Consider your work day or week.  Between emails, coffee, chit chat, meetings, and putting out fires – how much focused work was done?

If the latest numbers are true – the adult attention span has been reduced from 12 minutes in 2010 down to around 7 minutes today.

Let’s be generous and say you are able to spend 20 minutes straight of focused productivity every hour.  This means in an 8 hour day, you are able to do about 2 hours worth of work.

It’s not the lack of hours, it’s the lack of focus.

Sarah Lou Davies has a blog called The Work Experiment.  She takes complex ideas and turns them into simple designs like this one above.  Pretty simple design but a powerful message.

Don’t try to carve out more time to finish your projects.

Carve out more focused and intentional periods within your existing workday.

What are going to accomplish this week?