No One Is Lost Forever

Officer and Reformed Man

I saw this incredible story by Melissa Chan of the Daily News of a Police Officer (JD Boyd) and a former convict that were able to meet again after he served his time. Read the story here.

In short summary, the Officer and this man were in a life-threatening altercation. The man almost stabbed Officer Boyd in the head with a knife, while the officer almost shot him before he was able to subdue him.

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Don’t Be So Quick to Judge

scale of justiceHave you ever responded in anger when something you said was taken out of context?

Have you ever been upset because someone clearly misunderstood you?

Most often the immediate reaction is to defend yourself. And if it’s really bad – we can tend to go on the offensive. I will even start saying things like, “how could you even think I would say such a thing?!”

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