Start Making Better Choices

In West Philadelphia, born and raised. Just like the song.

We actually lived in the northern suburbs of Philly, but my parents had a convenience store on 46th and Walnut, the heart of west Philadelphia. As a kid, I spent so much time there, my family started telling me that I was actually delivered at the store.

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Enjoy The Moments Now

As I was driving home from work last night, I was stuck behind a slow driver.

I’ll be the first to confess that I am not the most patient driver. Especially if the person in front of me goes 10 miles below the posted speed limit, or doesn’t use a turn signal, or refuses to turn right on red (when it’s legal and safe!)

Well this guy in front of me last night hit the trifecta.

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Be Content with Small Steps

fat man eating hamburger seated on armchair

I don’t know where to begin with this guy. From the dusty old CRT TV, the vintage dial radio, the nipple ring, and living in a half finished basement – this guy has officially given up. He may as well drape himself in velvet for his next job interview.

Hopefully you’ve made some better choices than my friend above.

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To Be Offended is a Choice

My wife, Amanda, was called in to work a half-day and so I was Mr. Dad this morning. As my friends and I joke, it was my turn to “babysit” my own kid. We’re starting him early, but Andrew (2) loves the library.

So as I take him in through the doors all of the librarians smile and greet him by name. He walks around like he owns the place. I felt like I was watching Norm from Cheers. Nobody knows me, but he’s a rock star there.

As we were checking out the books, the sweet grandmotherly librarian called my son by name and proceeded to praise his wonderful book choices. We smile. It was such a precious moment. Then she sweetly turned back to him and said, “did we bring grandpa with us today?”

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Put Down the Gun and Put On Your Socks

Socks and Sneakers

My middle child, Sammy – loves to play. Everything is a possible game, challenge, or competition with him. I love his spirit and fire. As Amanda’s dad used to say, that one’s full of “piss and vinegar.” It’s true. He’s non-stop, go-go-go.

You know what else he’s full of? Not listening to his parents.

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