Be Content with Small Steps

fat man eating hamburger seated on armchair

I don’t know where to begin with this guy. From the dusty old CRT TV, the vintage dial radio, the nipple ring, and living in a half finished basement – this guy has officially given up. He may as well drape himself in velvet for his next job interview.

Hopefully you’ve made some better choices than my friend above.

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There is Never a Right Time

Change Sign


It’s constantly on my mind as a speaker, consultant, and professor. What are the changes that we want to see in our clients, partners, and students?

More importantly, what are the changes we want to see in ourselves?

As I wind down my first full week of food journaling and exercising 3x a week – I’m struck by how easily we can adjust when we have to. Don’t get me wrong, being more disciplined in my exercise, journaling, and food choices is not easy. And it’s only been one week, but I can already feel the change in my mindset.

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