Emotionally Invest In Your People

Engagement word circled in a dictionary definition to illustrate meaning of the word in business attracting customers with involvement and participation

Have you ever worked with someone who was “retired but on active duty?”

How about the person who’s “quit but still at their desk.”

I remember one co-worker basically stating he was “counting the days until retirement. Until then, I’m here to collect my paycheck.” He would take extra long lunch breaks, never finish projects, or help out because he knew the bare minimum he could get done without being fired.

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Zebras & Ostriches


Thrilled to announce my new book is now available on Amazon!

Zebras & Ostriches: 5 Simple Rules to Engage and Retain Your Best People will challenge you to re-think employee engagement. Research continues to show that employee engagement and retention are at an all-time low. People don’t want to be supervised, they want to be led. Your employees want to work from their strengths and do meaningful work. Follow these 5 simple rules and be prepared to inspire your people to grow and to be committed to the mission of your organization.
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Follow Your Own Question

Businessman touch button interface question icon webMy oldest son asked me tonight at dinner, “what does it mean to be kind?”

Without much thought I rattled off a few ways I thought he should act towards his younger brothers and his friends at school:

1. Be considerate of others feelings.
2. Use kind and polite words.
3. Don’t be rude.
4. Talk to someone when no one is talking to them.
5. Being nice even when the other person can’t be nice back.

He said, meh. And then went on his way.

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