Simplify Your Mission Statement

Zappos insideI was watching the Today show and there was a short piece on Zappos (one of my favorite companies). I love Zappos’ culture and their commitment to their employees which is intimately tied to their devotion to provide excellent customer service.

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Throw Stuff Away

old computer desk

We all have so much stuff.

I admit, I am a pseudo-hoarder. Especially of books. And mini-USB charger cords. Apparently, I can never have enough of those things. I also can’t seem to find these numerous chargers when I need to charge my phone. They’re abundant when they’re not needed. Like my kids who come down to the basement *after* we’ve cleaned up their toys.

“Need help mom and dad?”

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Be Willing to Share

House horses.  Children drawing.

With everyone connected via social media, it’s so easy to share things now. Re-reading through Austin Kleon’s book Show Your Work. Here’s what Kleon says about the creative process: “Don’t worry about everything you post being perfect.”

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Did You Save Room for the D-Word?

birthday cake

We were celebrating my birthday recently, so the boys took me out to Buffalo Wild Wings (their favorite place to “treat” dad). Our boys’ ages are 10, 8, and 2 – so this place is like a wild and crazy carnival with loud music, 3,200 TV screens, and little tablets (yes, they provide tablets!) for mobile apps and games. Or what I like to call “quality family time.”

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