Leading From the Bottom

Child scratching head with question mark around head concept for confusion, brainstorming and choice

I recently had the opportunity to present at the Akron-area SHRM meeting. It was a small but enthusiastic group. As we neared the end of the talk, there was a really though-provoking question from the audience:

How can we lead if we are not in a position of leadership?

There was a silent pause. I had to think about this for a moment. What is he trying to say? He’s asking – can we lead from the bottom?

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Emotionally Invest In Your People

Engagement word circled in a dictionary definition to illustrate meaning of the word in business attracting customers with involvement and participation

Have you ever worked with someone who was “retired but on active duty?”

How about the person who’s “quit but still at their desk.”

I remember one co-worker basically stating he was “counting the days until retirement. Until then, I’m here to collect my paycheck.” He would take extra long lunch breaks, never finish projects, or help out because he knew the bare minimum he could get done without being fired.

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It’s Just a Little Bit Easier… Not To

Have you heard of the story of Weldon Long?

Weldon’s story is the archetypal rags-to-riches made-for-TV narrative of someone who has overcome unbelievable setbacks.

He was homeless. He was addicted to drugs. He was serving a 13+ year prison sentence. He had no hope for a future.

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