You Do You

Have you ever felt like you should be doing more?

I get this way whenever I see other people succeeding. Especially if it’s in my lane.

For instance, I don’t begrudge Lebron James any of his success because (despite my outside game and amazing passing skills) professional basketball was never a realistic possibility for me. I couldn’t even make my sophomore JV basketball team. Personally, I think it was a political thing (have you seen my reverse layup?), but I digress – the NBA was never an option for me. But when I see my professional counterparts getting these amazing speaking gigs, I start wondering what I’ve missed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hater.  I’m not saying they shouldn’t be getting those gigs, I’m just saying why can’t I *also* get one of those high profile engagements?

The danger in comparing your journey to someone else’s is you have no context.

We don’t know the whole story behind what it took for someone to secure that sweet deal. We didn’t see the months and years it took for that individual to get where they’re at.

All we see is the end result and then compare that to where we are currently.

Don’t do that. It’s not right. It’s not the same journey.

My wife constantly encourages me: you do you. Don’t try to be someone else. I know you love Jamie Foxx, but there’s only one Jamie Foxx.

You do you.

What’s all this Jamie Foxx talk? I don’t think I’ve ever talked about Jamie Foxx with my wife, but apparently – I must be speaking about him a lot? Maybe she thinks I’m secretly trying to emulate him. No clue.

Jon Acuff says to be wary of comparing your middle to someone else’s end.

I love this. You don’t know where someone else’s journey is. All you know is your own.

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“It’s just better to be yourself than to try to be some version of what you think the other person wants.” – Matt Damon

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