Lean Into The Discomfort

It’s been a while.

And just like most people who start blogs, the longer I’m away the easier it becomes to neglect my writing.

As I’m reading through Jon Acuff’s new book Finish, I was reminded of why most people quit before they finish some big (or small) task. They give up on Day 2. When you first start off – everything’s great. You have an abundance of motivation, energy, and enthusiasm. But then Day 2 happens. And if you skip a day, and then a week. Before you know it, you’re on Day 365 and it’s time to start the new year.

I got this phrase from Travis Bradberry’s Emotional Intelligence 2.0 – “lean into the discomfort.

This simply means, when things go wrong – have enough wherewithal (fancy word) to understand that your life isn’t over. When plans go awry, diets fail, relationships fracture, and people let you down – you feel like crap. And to avoid feeling like crap, you do everything you can to avoid the thing that made you feel crappy.

But those with higher EQ are able to assess their failure in it’s proper light. It’s a just a temporary setback. Don’t treat your failure or letdown as if it’s the final score.

The game isn’t over yet.

Perfection is a myth. Don’t give up on your goal because you’re not perfect. Lean into the discomfort of being imperfect.

If you’ve failed. Get back up. It was never going to be perfect anyway.

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Here’s what’s even more interesting – Bradberry states that those with higher EQ are better leaders. They have higher levels of satisfaction and salary studies show they earn almost 50% more money than their lower EQ counterparts.

So those who are able to see their failures and still get back on the horse have been shown to be happier, have more control over their careers, and earn more money than those who aren’t able to get back up.

“Great works are not performed by strength, but by perseverance.” – Samuel Johnson


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