Enjoy The Moments Now

As I was driving home from work last night, I was stuck behind a slow driver.

I’ll be the first to confess that I am not the most patient driver. Especially if the person in front of me goes 10 miles below the posted speed limit, or doesn’t use a turn signal, or refuses to turn right on red (when it’s legal and safe!)

Well this guy in front of me last night hit the trifecta.

I thought I was going to lose my mind.

Finally the light turned green and we made the right turn.

Just a few seconds ahead of us, there was a billowing cloud of smoke.

A blue jeep and white SUV collided on a busy intersection. It didn’t look good.

As I waited to pass, I noticed that a few people stopped and were calling emergency services. People were frantic. Parents were helping their kids out of their distressed vehicles.

It instantly changed my perspective.

Just a mere 60 seconds ago, I was complaining that a car was not making a right turn on red. But now I realized, this may have saved me from a terrible accident and injury or worse.

I prayed for those involved in the accident and gratefully drove home with a renewed sense of gratitude and thanks that I was not in the accident. That my wife and children were at home safe waiting for me to return.

I’m guilty of constantly being in “go” mode.

Every project I finish, every event I go to, and every task I knock off my to-do list means I’m off to the next thing.

Are you like this?

Sometimes, I can stress myself out by thinking of all I have yet to do even when I’m working on a different project. This is counter-intuitive for a couple of reasons. First, I should be fully committed to the task at hand, rather than worrying about the 99 other things I need to do. Second, if I thoroughly concentrated on the first thing, I’ll probably do a better job and be more satisfied with the outcome. Finally, I want to make sure to take the moments I have now and enjoy them.

In the hustle and bustle of trying to work, improve, speak, write, etc. I can easily lose sight of what’s truly important.

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Remember what you’re striving for.

Is it to be more successful? To make more money? To have more and be more?

Those things are not inherently bad goals. But don’t get so caught up in them that you forget why or who you’re doing it for in the first place.

Stop worrying about what you have yet to do.

Enjoy the moments now.




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