The Flatter the Better

During a recent podcast interview (coming soon!) with Kelly Vandever ( – one of her questions was “what are employees looking for in companies?”

Of course employees want more pay.

They want clear opportunities for growth.

They don’t want to be micro-managed.

Sound familiar to you? If you’re currently in want of one or three of these things, you probably aren’t engaged in your workplace.

More recently, there’s yet another aspect of the employee/employer relationship that can impact employee engagement: ACCESS.

That is, people want access to other people. They want to be able to collaborate and work with others. They want to have access to senior management. They want their input to be heard and for the conversation to be two way.

Think of your current organization chart.

If it looks more like a pyramid – you’re stuck in a hierarchical organization. You have a very specific chain-of-command with a clear top-down approach. This is fine if you want compliance.

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If you want engagement, creativity, and your team to expend discretionary effort – then you should try to flatten your organization. Here are four reasons you should try:

  1. It quickens the decision making process.
  2. It encourages autonomy.
  3. It encourages mutual ownership of the organization.
  4. It empowers the people you hired to go beyond just their job descriptions.

Give your people opportunities to step up. Trust them to make the right decisions.

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