Taste As You Go

True confession: I love cooking shows.

Especially the cooking shows that have an element of competition to them.

MasterChef, Iron Chef, Chopped, Hell’s Kitchen, Great Food Truck Race – you name it. I’ll binge watch it.

Anything with Gordon Ramsay yelling obscenities at a poor schlep trying to flambe (sp?) a Baked Alaska is pure television gold for me.

One of the primary problems young chefs run into: They don’t taste as they go.

That is, they follow the right strategy. They have all the right ingredients. They even know the correct techniques. They’ve studied years for this opportunity, and yet they miss the mark, because they don’t taste as they go.

We can easily fall into the same trap.

We can enamor ourselves with the research. Do we have the best strategy? Have we downloaded the right app or software? Do we have the right SEO tools?

The answers to these questions may all be yes, but at a certain point you have to taste the food. You have to try stuff out to see if it works. You have to stop researching and start doing.

It’s easier to read about starting a business than it is actually starting a business.

It’s easier to read a book about writing than it is to write that book.

Start writing.

Start calling prospects.

Start pitching to agents or investors.

You've researched enough. It's time to start doing. Action beats intention every time. Click To Tweet

If you’re stuck in a rut, start doing.

Even if it’s only for 15 minutes.



2 thoughts on “Taste As You Go

  1. I want to reply to this basically because I get it. In my life, I’ve tasted and tested especially when I was young. But, people in my age group now , I’ve noticed, seem to lose enthusiasm to try new things or have a plan… Sometmes I think they must be beyond bored or stuck in a box (their home) or fear sets in.

    Would like to hear some ” go get em” , “just do it” suggestions for senior citizens !!

    Oh, you have to watch (if you haven’t already) Worst Cooks In America… Hilarious…sun night at 9.

    • Marilyn,

      I love Worst Cooks in America! You can just feel Bobby Flay’s disappointment in some of these people.

      From my perspective, I think the biggest challenge for our more seasoned professionals or even retired folks is – they don’t hang out with people that will challenge them or encourage them to continually grow. We mostly tend to digress into our comfort levels – so this is the challenge – to constantly engage with people who look, think, and act differently than us.

      You’re a great example of this! As evidenced by the fact that you’re constantly looking to improve and learn new things. You’re meeting with young and old. New and different perspectives than you.

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