Align Individual Goals with Organizational Purpose


This past week, I had the privilege of presenting a talk on Employee Engagement at the Akron-area SHRM December Member Appreciation Lunch.

As leaders, one of the best ways to engage your people is to align their goals with your purpose. That means, first – you have to take the time and pay attention to what they (your employees) want to achieve. What makes them tick? Why do they work for you? What are their future goals? What are their aspirations here and beyond?

See how their goals align (or don’t align) with your organizational purpose.

If the gap is too wide a chasm to bridge, then it will become clearer to both of you that this relationship is temporary and you can invite them to find their purpose elsewhere.

If the gap is minimal or simply unknown – explore ways in which you can connect those two points: employee goals and organizational purpose.

This is one of the key steps to having employees be more engaged, have a greater sense of purpose, and able to influence your organizational culture to others.

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