Don’t Want to Wait for Stuff

For the past 6 years, one of my primary jobs has been to work with millenials.

I work with these college students, advise them, and teach them skills for the 21st century. I love my job. Other than eating wings for a living or being a Sportscenter Anchor, I really couldn’t ask for a better profession.

I am a college professor.

Here’s an observation I’ve noticed about many of my students.

They don’t like to wait for stuff.

I get it. No one does. But for Gen X’ers like me, I think there was a sense of acceptance and even resignation when it comes to waiting. We just got used to it.

Millenials didn’t.

I’ve asked them how many students actually go into the bank to withdraw money?

They say, “cash?” Who has time for that? I use Apple Pay.

What’s the worst part of going out to eat?

Waiting for the food and then waiting for the check.

Chipotle is one of the more popular choices for my students, but the most common complaint are the long lines.

They all suggest that Chipotle should implement a separate kiosk and pay station to pick up pre-ordered food. Or better yet, a delivery model. One student even suggested that restaurants in a local area should work together to reduce the cost of UberEATS delivery service and get rid of their own drivers altogether. That way there’s a consistent service for delivery with limited liability and no overhead.

Now that’s a cool idea.

So as you think of who you’re hiring in the next 5-10-15 years. Consider that many of these talented young professionals are tired of waiting. They don’t want to stand in line. They don’t want to wait in a “waiting room.”

They are misers with their time. They want to improve the way you do things. They want to eliminate redundancies and increase efficiency.

Let them.

Ask them.

Leverage their ideas.

Reach more people.

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