Don’t Fall In Love With Your Potential

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As a football fan that now lives in Ohio, I can’t help but notice the newsfeed that scrolls the national sports headlines…

  • “Johnny Manziel arrested for domestic assault…”
  • “Manziel to enter rehab treatment center for alcohol addiction…”
  • “Police use helicopter to look for Johnny Manziel after alleged assault.” – (this one was my personal favorite.)

The reason why the NFL is so enamored with Johnny Manziel is his potential. In fact, all professional sports drafts are predicated on this idea. We’re all looking for the next great Brady, Lebron, Gretzky, or Griffey Jr. We as fans love potential even more than we do actual results.

This can be true in our own lives as well.

Have you ever observed someone successful and thought, “I could do what that person is doing – if only I had more time, more money, more support, more whatever…”

You know what this is called?

Potential. Problem is, we all have it.

It’s not enough to simply have potential. You have to do something with it.

When it comes to getting things done, we need fewer architects and more bricklayers ~ C.C. Barrett Click To Tweet

I heard Mark LeBlanc once say, “Don’t be in love with your potential. Have measurable benchmarks.”

The beauty of a benchmark is – it’s quantifiable. You can see it. You can count it. You can track it. You can adjust it according to your needs.

You can’t do that with potential. “Potential” can actually hinder you because you won’t want try for fear of failure.

Potential becomes an excuse for you not to try. Don’t be sucked in by your own potential.

Here’s the good news: I believe we all have the potential for doing great and amazing things.

The only way to live out your potential is to have small measurable goals and follow through with action.

What is one small step you can take today to live out your potential?


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