Courage Is The Ladder

So, how are you doing on those New Year’s resolutions?

For most people the new year’s goals and resolutions are fairly similar. According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute:

RankTop 10 New Years resolutions for 2015
Lose Weight
Getting Organized
Spend Less, Save More
Enjoy Life to the Fullest
Staying Fit and Healthy
Learn Something Exciting
Quit Smoking
Help Others in Their Dreams
Fall in Love
Spend More Time with Family

Notice anything unusual or unique about this list?

Me neither. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all good goals to have. And for anyone reading this, I can’t imagine at least one of these items not making your list.

What’s interesting to me is – none of these resolutions require a significant change or waiting period to get started.

Why wait until the new year? Why wait until next month? Why wait until you have all your ducks lined up in a row? For each of these resolutions, you can start now. Start today.

And if you honestly look at your goals and what you want to get accomplished this year, you can say the same thing. Start today.

Have you been thinking about starting a new business? Have you been planning on marketing your new and amazing products or services? Have you been sitting on that wonderful new book idea? Start today.

The biggest mistake is to wait until you “feel” ready. You’ll never feel totally prepared or have enough time or resources. Everyone is strapped for time, money, and resources. They still figure out a way. Start doing it now.

I love this definition of courage from google, “strength in the face of pain or grief.”

Take courage. Summon your strength in the face of pain, embarrassment, shame, or fear of failure.

One of my favorite quotes from Zig Ziglar:

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. ~ Zig Ziglar Click To Tweet

It starts with the courage. You must summon the courage to swallow your pride and fear of looking foolish. Who cares if you fail or mess up? No one will even notice. They’re too busy worrying about figuring out their starting point.

Be brave. Start today.

“Courage is the ladder on which all the other virtues mount.” ~ Clare Booth Luce


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