Take the “L” and Move On

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My older boys and I have a Sunday tradition in the fall.

After church we get changed into our “comfies” and plop down on the couch for some football. Then the boys dutifully wait. They are waiting for me to fall asleep. (I only do this if the Eagles aren’t on TV.)

Yesterday as I was watching one of the games, I noted how much abuse the referees must endure. They can’t seem to get it right. They’ve either made a huge wrong call or missed the right one.

Fans from both teams can’t seem to stand them. The announcers opine about how they’re changing the outcome of the game. Everything has to go to video review because *no one* trusts them. Even old retired refs, now serving as color commentators, get in on the bashing.

Nobody appreciates the ref. (Nobody like Chris Collinsworth either for that matter, but that’s another blog post.)

Yet, the refs carry on. As if the last play didn’t even phase them.

If they make a bad call, they get it overturned and move on to the next play.

I recall a radio interview with Jamie Foxx speaking about bombing at night clubs. He remembers times when none of his jokes landed anywhere, hundreds of people heckling him, and feeling humiliated. This was even after he made it big. Then he said, “sometimes, you have to take the ‘L’ and move on.”

I think this is the key to being resilient.

How you respond to failure (both big and small) will impact your ability to stay in the game. Click To Tweet

Have you experienced some recent failures?

Today is an opportunity to make better choices and try again.

Take the L and move on.

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