No One Is Lost Forever

Officer and Reformed Man

I saw this incredible story by Melissa Chan of the Daily News of a Police Officer (JD Boyd) and a former convict that were able to meet again after he served his time. Read the story here.

In short summary, the Officer and this man were in a life-threatening altercation. The man almost stabbed Officer Boyd in the head with a knife, while the officer almost shot him before he was able to subdue him.

Almost a year later, they ran into each other on the street. The man was able to share his story with Officer Boyd and explained that he now had a full-time job and a growing family. He was a changed man. They were able to embrace each other as friends.

I love this quote by Officer Boyd:

“No one is ever lost forever and as long as you continue to work to be a better version of yourself than you were yesterday things will work out eventually.”

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It’s an incredible story of the power of forgiveness and the truth that it’s never too late to change the course of your life. Simply strive to be a little bit better today than you were yesterday.


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