Be Intentional About Your Teammates

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Social Media Marketing guru Chris Brogan speaks of the importance of having advisory boards. According to Chris, an advisory board is, “your own group of people to bounce ideas off and that might guide you forward through your challenges and next steps.

He then goes on to explain that he has two advisory boards: 1. primary and 2. remote.

The primary advisors are self-explanatory – these are the people you know, trust, and respect to give you the straight and honest answer. These people are your colleagues, mentors, and will challenge you to keep your promises. This will be a small and tight-knit circle of people. Perhaps even a mastermind group? We all need be a part of a team.

Your remote advisors are “people don’t even have to know that you consider them on your advisory board. They have no active role in your efforts, and it’s up to you to fit their teachings to your needs.

I love this. He lists off people like Richard Branson, Guy Kawasaki, and Seth Godin among others. Now with Chris, he’s probably shared the stage with some (if not all) of his remote advisors. Most of us have never met our remote advisory board. That’s okay. The point is to be a sponge and soak up all you can from your favorites.

But the next step is key: use only what works specifically for you and your business.

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Of course we should learn from and borrow everything we can, but ultimately these solutions will only work if you are able to make it work for your specific situation.

Another caution – don’t try to read too many books all at once. This can become daunting to parse through the morass and find something that can be applicable to you. You keep on reading but don’t do anything. Sound familiar?

Be intentional about your teammates. Choose wisely and be focused enough to get through your material and start applying.

So who are you reading? Who has inspired you lately?

What nuggets of truth have you gleaned from these remote advisors that you can now turn and make it your own?


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