Be Willing to Share

House horses.  Children drawing.

With everyone connected via social media, it’s so easy to share things now. Re-reading through Austin Kleon’s book Show Your Work. Here’s what Kleon says about the creative process: “Don’t worry about everything you post being perfect.”

The creative process sometimes means putting stuff out there that isn’t your best.

It can be nerve-wracking because when you work on something – you want it to be perfect. You want people to love it.

But part of the process of pursuing your goals is to grow and learn by getting input from others. Too often, it’s too easy to ignore everyone else and just focus on what you need to do. But real growth comes from seeking out the wisdom and counsel of those who have gone before you.

If you want the benefit of insightful feedback from others, you have to be willing to show your work.

Share your work. See where it lands. What sticks? What doesn’t?

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