We Don’t Need More Ideas, We Need More Action

hammer and nail

My favorite books to read are every non-fiction tome on how to be a better me. Each one has been a good read. From Napoleon Hill and Seth Godin to John Maxwell and Jon Acuff – they’re all good reads. Even when someone is parroting what other experts have already said – I still feel like I learn when I re-read the same things.

I also love researching different businesses, people, leaders, etc. And I have benefited from their examples and their stories.

With that said, there comes a time when you have to start implementing stuff. It’s one thing to listen to a great conference speaker or incredible TED talk, but how does it actually change your life? What steps are you taking to change and improve?

We don't need more ideas, we're chock full of them. We need more action. Click To Tweet

Don’t try to make all of your changes at once. It’s a fool’s game.

Focus on one thing. Do that one thing. Get that small win.

Even if you don’t know how to do it. You’ve read plenty. You have some great ideas already. It’s time to try them out. See if they really work. Figure it out. Do it.

When you re-read these books *after* you’ve implemented the ideas – it actually brings new insights and questions for you to consider. This raises your understanding of the material to a completely different level.

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