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Bill Russell is a prolific winner. He has won at every stage of his career.

As the center for the Boston Celtics, he won 11 NBA Championships in a 13 year career. (That’s basically a championship every 1.2 seasons.) He won 2 straight NCAA Championships for the University of San Francisco. And he also won Olympic gold as the captain of the US Men’s basketball team (wikipedia).

This image and quote is from a Pepsi Max commercial with Uncle Drew (Kyrie Irving) and Wes Lights (Kevin Love).

Russell breaks down his game and his incredible success to one thing: buckets.

It’s not about flash. It’s not about the highlights. It’s about buckets. Whoever gets the most buckets wins.

I’m re-reading Jane Atkinson’s book, The Wealthy Speaker, and she asks as a professional speaker, what are the outcomes or results of your speaking to a group? What solution do you bring that will answer their problems? What benefit do they get as a result of hiring you?

Regardless of your specific industry, the best results for your clients will mean repeat business. It’s not about a new social media strategy. It’s not about the best marketing analytics.

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Customers don’t buy your flashy video or demo reel, they buy the results they can get as an outcome of your speaking engagement.

Just like in basketball, speaking is about results. This game has always been, and will always be about results.


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