Don’t Waste Your Wait

Bored, stressed and exhausted people sitting on chairs waiting

Every where you go there’s going to be a line.

At the grocery store? Pick the shortest lane. Hopefully you find a young man buying one or two things with cash or credit card. Please don’t pay with a check…
At the gas station? Get behind that small hybrid with a tiny tank.
On the phone with customer service? You guessed it, get in the queue.
With every line, there’s one guarantee. You are going to have to wait.

We recently returned on a trip to bring our son home from Korea. Even getting to Korea was an interesting lesson in waiting.
Between the airport and security check-in to waiting at the gate and finally waiting for our zone number to be called, we hurry up and wait.

On our return trip, one very critical line we couldn’t miss was the immigration line.
In fact no one could circumvent this line.
No matter what status, citizenship, or wealth you may have accumulated – there was no getting around this line.

It’s like going to the Department of Motor Vehicles, welcome to a world of sit down, shut up, and wait.

Every time I have to wait, I fantasize about a world where things are different. A world and society that is so efficient – there are no more queues. You simply get what you need when you want it and you have more time to get other stuff done.

But life doesn’t work this way.

Neither does your dream.

I want to encourage those who feel like they’re in an eternal holding pattern. You’ve been waiting for something to happen and it just hasn’t come through.

You’re at the end of your rope because you don’t think you can wait anymore.

Use this waiting time now (before you hit it big!) to prepare for your success.

Are you an author? What are you doing to prepare for future speaking engagements, media requests, and book tours?
Are you a consultant? What are you doing now to prepare for all of the future clients you are going to have to manage?
Are you an artist? Do you have a fast and automated way to manage your travel schedule and collaborative networks?
Are you a speaker? What books and articles are you reading now to prepare for the biggest Keynote speech of your life 18 months from now?

Waiting isn’t so bad when you’re preparing for a breakthrough.

In fact, it’s part of the fee we pay to get in. You have to put the hours in. Just like everyone who got off that plane from Korea, there is a waiting line if you want to re-enter the country.

Don’t waste your wait. Use this time wisely to prepare for when you do have to deliver.

Overnight successes are a myth. Behind almost every overnight success story are years of hard work, trying and re-trying, and waiting that no one else sees.

“Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.” ~ Joyce Meyer

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