Done is Better Than Perfect


What is it that you’ve been dying to get done this past year? Is it finally writing that book? Starting that blog? Creating your new online business? Perhaps it’s trying to lose weight or develop new relationships?

It’s January 2015. Time to get that darn thing done.

Ask yourself this question: if you had all the time, money, and resources at your disposal for the next month to finish your top priority, what would that goal or project be?

That’s what you need to be working on now. Stop waiting for the perfect time or opportunity. It doesn’t exist. Start today.

Be persistent. Be tenacious. Don’t stop until you’ve completed your goal.

Note: This might be too big of a goal to finish in one month. That’s ok! It means you’re thinking big. Good for you.

Let’s break your goal down into manageable chunks:

Begin with the end in mind. What does success look like? Can you picture? No seriously, can you doodle or draw it somewhere? It helps to have a physical image of what a successful outcome looks like.

What are the quarterly milestones that would lead you to success?

If you notice any items on that breakdown that don’t contribute to the completion of this project – get rid of it. Be ruthless.

Now work backwards and fill in some dates you want to reach your milestones by.

You should now have a calendar filled with manageable and reachable mini-goals with clear dates and objectives. Now you won’t be so overwhelmed by all you have yet to do.

You can only work effectively on one thing at a time.

Share these milestones with an accountability partner. Have your partner share their goals/milestones as well. Mutual accountability works best.

Give monthly updates (weekly is better, but touch base at least on a monthly basis) – and encourage, exhort, and spur each other on to finish the project.

Of course, life happens and you will need to be flexible enough to edit your deadlines as you go, but don’t get too comfortable with not meeting your goals. Just like your employer wouldn’t take too kindly to missing repeated deadlines and quotas – treat this goal like you’re getting paid for it. Most likely, if you do this well, you will be getting paid or rewarded for your efforts!

So here are the steps to getting more done:

  1. Take today to identify what your top priority is.
  2. Break down the big goal into actionable chunks.
  3. Set clear deadlines on a calendar.
  4. Have a visual aid (reminder) of what success looks like.
  5. Share with an accountability partner.
  6. Be prepared for obstacles and challenges to come your way.

Done is always better than perfect.

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