One Word = Persist

one word

Great short read by Jon Gordon.

The basic concept is so simple, it might seem overly-obvious – but the implications are important.

When you commit and focus to doing one thing, it becomes easier to focus on simply doing that one thing.

It’s similar to having a one page business plan as opposed to having a 50 page manifesto that basically says the same thing.

So give some consideration to what your ONE WORD should be for 2015.

Commit to being intentional about applying that one word to every aspect of your life: financial, spiritual, relational, work, play, service, etc.

So my word for 2015 is PERSIST.  I want to go deeper into my relationships, my professional development, my speaking and writing career, my courses, my projects for my students, my physical well-being, etc.  I want to persist even when things get tough and my enthusiasm and motivation wanes. I want to keep on going as if I’m going to win.

I will write this word in a prominent location in my home and my office and my car.

Every day I will be forced to see this word and make choices that will be in alignment with this word or not.



What’s your ONE WORD?

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