Even the Cymbal Player Gets Sheet Music

sheet music

When I was in the high school concert band, I really wanted to play the drums. But we had an awesome drummer already, his name was Rob Bell. Besides, I was a freshman so there was no way I was getting near that drum kit.

You had to pay your dues to work up to it.

So I started where most percussionists do. With the cymbals. Or wood block, triangle, and wind chimes. I’ve done it all. Never got to be the star of the show, but I was on the stage.  And I played my part as enthusiastically as I could.

Here’s what’s interesting to me: even though I was only playing a small part I still needed to see the sheet music.  All of it.

Even though my part didn’t come until measure 72, I needed to follow along from the beginning to make sure I was at the right place.  And even if my shining moment is only 6 quarter note cymbal crashes, if I mess up it everyone will notice.

If I crash too soon, it will be disaster. If I’m on the wrong page it will throw everyone off. I had to see the bigger picture.

The same is true of your employees.  If they only focus on what immediately needs to get done, they will miss how this fits within the overall organization. Let your employees see the big picture.

Let them see how their individual goals tie back to organizational goals.

It provides more clarity and purpose to what they are doing.

It gives employees a greater sense of ownership and contribution to the company.

So even for those employees that are “only” cymbal players, make sure they get the sheet music too.


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