Don’t Over Do It

Better Safe Than Sorry

Better safe than sorry.

Yes, but in my world, what you often see are people who are trying to do too much.  It’s unnecessary.  In fact, it can become counterproductive.

Marshall Goldsmith calls this the “adding too much value” principle.

When you have a great idea, do it!  Go and execute the idea.  Don’t try to constantly edit and make incremental improvements to it.

Do it.  Try it.  Make it.  Break it.

Do NOT try to make it perfect before it’s ready.  Why?

This kills momentum.

If you keep on trying to make the idea better, the initial great idea may only improve by 5%, but your motivation to complete it now just reduced by 50%.

So forget the constant tinkering, tweaking, and “adding value” to the idea.

It’s good enough.

Start doing.

I’m taking Marshall’s advice and stopping the blog here.  Time to go execute a good idea.

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