Give Yourself Freedom to Make Some Really Ugly Furniture



“Give yourself some freedom to make some really ugly furniture” (Start, Jon Acuff, p. 97).


I love this quote from Acuff’s book Start.

Fear has a way of limiting our creativity and the ability to take chances and make mistakes.

Fear tells us that average is ok.  But in convincing us not to fail, we’ve forgotten that learning happens when we fail.

Fear wants you to give up before trying.  And even after trying once or twice – you should just go back to staying at status quo.

After all, you tried right?  It didn’t work out, it’s time to check Facebook again.

But did you really try it?  I mean really, really try it?  Did you move past your first couple of pages of your novel?  Great, now get past the first 3 chapters.  Ok, now after about 100 pages you should have written something worth reading and sharing with others.  Who cares if it’s not perfect?  No one really knows who you are anyway.

Now is the time to fail, before you get rich and famous.

My friend, Jay Herman always says around election time, “vote early, vote often.”  I wish this weren’t true for some districts/states, but regardless the message remains.

Fail early, fail often.

Test and try new things.  Don’t worry if it flops.  It probably will, but you’ve found a new way NOT to do something.

Make some really ugly stuff that doesn’t work out the way you intended.  And then fix it.  Or re-make it.

Or even better, you find out after a few devoted attempts that this is not where your passion is.  One less door to knock down.


2 thoughts on “Give Yourself Freedom to Make Some Really Ugly Furniture

  1. That was great and thanks. I think fear does play a role in why I don’t pick up a pen and write more often. I’ve got this great story in my head – already written complete with music and video – and I’m terrified I won’t be able to do it justice – so it stays where it’s safe. sigh*

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