What Would I Love to Start Doing?

This is a great question that I’ve asked many people in their journey to “find” themselves.

As a college professor, I have the opportunity to advise many students that are both in and outside of my classes. I love this time of year when the opportunities are boundless and the dreams are big. I want to cultivate that in my students. Dream big, or else why else are you here? You can get an education anywhere, but you’re here now. So what would you love to start doing?

But Jon Acuff in his book Start, asks another question.

Not only what would I love to start doing, but what can I NOT STOP doing now?

That is, what in your life experiences points you to a place where you are most naturally you? What lights up your life? What work, music, hobbies, books, movies, extracurricular activities, people light up your imagination and creativity? What do you find doing naturally and lose all sense of time in when you do it?

I have a few friends that love gaming. I mean LOVE gaming. When they are playing their games, they lose all sense of time and reality. They even skip meals. I’ve NEVER done this. I will eat the meals these guys miss.

Now does that mean you should run and find a career in videogames? Not necessarily. But perhaps it means there is a natural knack of computing systems, or application programming, or mobile app development. Or maybe you really should pursue your call of duty to be a full-time gamer (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun).

But what it really means is that while we’re looking for our true passion to start doing something, we should take a moment and observe what we already do.

So what is it that you can not stop doing?

What would you do if you had to do it for free.

This might be the key to finding what “you were made for.”

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