Going to Italy!


A lot has happened since my last blog post, but a couple of highlights:

1. I gave a keynote speech on Friday (7/12/13) at the Canton Chamber of Commerce entitled, “Doing Is the New Thinking” – I spoke about the power of starting and doing as opposed the normal process of thinking and over-thinking. There were about 50 people in attendance. It was an incredible event. Although the attendance was lighter than usual, the audience was completely engaged and able to actively participate in the presentation.

2. I attended the National Speakers Association National Conference 2013 in Philadelphia, PA (my hometown). It was a wonderful experience! There were about 1,400 speakers in attendance and we were all able to learn some new tips, techniques, and knowledge to apply to our speaking careers. One of my take-a-ways was to write more. Go figure. So I’m back on the blogging trail.

3. And for the big news… I’m going to Rome for 8 weeks!!! That’s right, I’ve been chosen to teach over in Rome for 8 weeks this Fall. I am going to be teaching a global learning course centered around the history of Rome, and another course that I developed entitled, “Technology and Society in Rome” which explores the intersection of information technology and the Old World traditions and customs of an ancient society.

I’m super excited about going to Rome, about continuing to write and build my speaking career.

I will keep this blog going while we’re over there for the next two months!

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