Maribeth Kuzmeski Redzone Marketing Interview (Part 2)

Here’s the rest of the phone interview with Maribeth (of Redzone Marketing):

PK: Maribeth, what are some other methods or steps you took to achieve success in speaking, consulting, and presenting to clients?

MK: One of the key things that I’ve really paid attention to is the titles of my presentations. If you notice on my website ( – I am constantly tweaking my presentations, titles, keywords, etc. Work on the titles of your presentations, they could be the next title for your book!

PK: How often do you update your website?

MK: Every day. Between me and my team we update, tweak, the site constantly. At least once a day. But I’m also developing new content. I start with my book. This is how I develop original content for my readers, subscribers, clients, and conference attendees. I turn my books into articles into blogs into videos. This is the base of my content focus.

PK: What are some final thoughts or words of wisdom for budding entrepreneurs?

MK: I’m glad you asked in that way. This is a business, you have to treat it like a business. My consulting, writing, speaking was not a hobby for me. I was 6 months pregnant when I got my first gig, and there was no way I was going to let it fail. For those that are starting out, I would say make sure you focus. Focus on a niche market. Mine happened to be Financial Service, but that was blind luck – it chose me. I would see what industries need problem solving skills that you currently have? I’m a marketer. I can help people with their marketing problems. What is it that you do that can provide value to your customer or solve their problems?

PK: This is excellent. In my own consulting practice as well as when I teach, I also echo the importance of being a problem solver.

MK: This is key. This is true of your writing as well. Your writing should be solving a problem or creating a new way of thinking that will save money, time, or increase productivity.

PK: Maribeth, it’s been a pleasure, thanks so much for your time.

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