The Rule of Distraction

Most of the time you know you what you should do. You know that you should write more. Your health requires you to exercise more and eat less. Your work requires you to stop watching reality TV and go back to the task at hand. But have you ever noticed that every time you sit down to do something productive, important, or on your To-Do List, something else pops up. Isn’t that crazy? How before you sat down to work on your book, you never even noticed that your fish tank needed to be cleaned?

This is the Rule of Distraction. Just when you have resolved yourself to write that first chapter of your book, you notice that you haven’t checked email in 30 minutes. Just a quick check. The problem is, once you stop your flow, it takes twice as long to get back into it. If you’re in a flow right now – just keep going. Who cares if you aren’t up to date on the latest hollywood gossip or world news? Just keep doing it.

The Rule of Distraction doesn’t require you to follow it! Break the habit of being so easily distracted. Commit yourself to finishing the task at hand.

Here’s a method that works for me:

Write down the top 3 things you want to get done today.

1. Write a summary overview of my manuscript for my book proposal.
2. Email 3 business contacts to inquire about speaking opportunities at their local organizations.
3. Read a chapter in “Paid to Speak” by the NSA.

Even if you only get one of the items done, you have successfully broken the Rule of Distraction. Work on getting all 3 things done and treat yourself to some reality TV or a Shamrock Shake.

So what is it that you need to get done today?

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