Believe In Yourself

As I continue on this journey to write my 2nd book (my first book can be found here) – the main idea that keeps coming back to me is to write what’s on your heart. That is, make sure whatever you’re writing about has some significant meaning and place in your life. It’s one thing to study, research, and read a topic if it’s for an assignment or a paycheck. That is a critical component of writing well.

But when you write from your heart, it’s an entirely different endeavor. Writing from the heart means that you have to get these words on paper. You feel that if you don’t get your thoughts and ideas down you’ll feel incomplete. It’s not a matter of “if” for you, it’s a matter of now.

Time to let go of the fear and believe in yourself. You have an amazing message or story to tell. But you have to believe it first. You are your first customer. Believe in your writing. Believe that your message will have an impact.

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